Can Your Trust Your Energy Supplier?

05/09/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Earlier this month, EON admitted that a small number of customers were charged incorrectly. This was due to a clerical error involving imperial and metric meter readings.

How gas is measured

Gas is charged in cubic metres. Some customers have old imperial gas meters’ that measure in cubic feet (ft3) whereas newer meters measure in cubic meters (m3).

EON noticed that in their records it had some customers down as having an imperial meter when in fact they had a metric meter. In this case the customer was being overcharged. There were also opposite cases, where customers had been undercharged. EON said 600 customers were affected, around 350 of which were overcharged and the rest undercharged. Customers who had metric meters that had been charged as imperial were overcharged by 183%. Customers who were assumed to have imperial meters but in fact had metric were undercharged by 65%. It is believed in some cases the issue may go back 15 years, although most cases were much less.

As expected, it has come to light this clerical error has affected other energy companies and around 11,000 accounts are affected. Energy UK is the trade body for the UK energy industry and have issued this statement:

“A very small number of customers have been charged the wrong amount for their gas, due to the incorrect recording of imperial and metric gas meters. Under 11,000 people (out of 23 million accounts) have either been charged too much or too little. “Industry has signed up to a set of principles to redress those affected. Where there has been an overcharge, a refund will be issued as soon as possible.”

Customers affected will be contacted directly by their supplier and suppliers will refund any overpayment including appropriate interest and possible compensation.

Customer who were undercharged will not need to repay any incorrect underpayments, however they need to be ready for an increase in their bills going forward (as they have been wrong!).

Where customer accounts are live on a supplier’s system, this will be a straightforward process, however, if you have moved house, it may be difficult for your previous supplier(s) to track you down.

If you think you may have been overcharged, contact your supplier or Citizens Advice. Your supplier may charge if you get them out to check and no fault is found.

Check Your Meter

Switch off all appliances completely (not left on standby). Check the meter to see if the numbers are still moving. If it has stopped, then turn on your appliances checking each one. If the meter starts to move quickly, it may be a fault will an appliance.

Accurate Readings

It is important to get accurate meter readings for an accurate energy bill. Estimated readings will be shown with an E next to the reading. Your energy company cannot always read your meter. As a customer you have an obligation to provide accurate readings.

Smart Energy Meters

The Government wants everyone to have been offered a smart meter by 2020. There is no obligation to have one but they will take away the guesswork and manual meter readings by transmitting readings and real time energy usage to both supplier and consumer. Information on smart meters can be found here.

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