Best Replacement for Storage Heaters

23/04/2018 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Best Replacement for Storage Heaters

If you have traditional inefficient storage heaters you’ll be continually frustrated with their limitations for heating your home. The lack of controllability, having to predict the weather and having to use supplementary heating are some of the problems. Below we discuss the best replacement for storage heaters, modern thermostatic and programmable electric radiators.

Storage Heaters

Storage heaters have been around for decades. They were originally designed to take advantage of electricity produced at night, as it was found better to keep power stations going 24/7 rather than shutting them down every day. Customers could purchase ‘cheap’ night time electric for home heating and heating water. Storage heaters use refractory bricks which heat up at night and disperse heat during the day.

Economy 7

Economy 7 is an electricity tariff which offers ‘cheap’ electricity for 7 hours at night, typically from midnight to 7am. While this might seem attractive, it is usually only the storage heaters and hot water that are connected to it. Furthermore, the rest of your electricity, the day rate, is usually much higher than with normal standard tariffs. With all your other electrical appliances using a higher rate, this eliminates any potential savings, especially if you need to use supplementary heating on an evening when your storage heaters have run out of heat which often occurs.

Disadvantages with Storage Heaters

Below is a list of disadvantages with storage heaters:

  • Lack of control – Heat emitted all day when you don’t want it when you are out at work.
  • No heat left at evening time – All the heat has been emitted all day as above.
  • You have to predict the weather – To decide how much heat you’ll need the following day
  • Storage Heaters Use More Electric – They are typically rated at twice the power of electric radiators. Sometimes 3.5kw where a 1600w/1800w electric radiator will do. Also, Storage heaters draw power for the full 7 hours. With controllable thermostatic electric radiators, they only draw power when required to meet the required set temperature.
  • Economy 7 – Over-Inflated day rates cancel out any potential night rate savings
  • Dry Convected Heat – Uncomfortable and inefficient heat

Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators such as the Curvo+ have several advantages over storage heaters:

  • Fully Controllable – 24/7 Programmable – Heat when you want it
  • Thermostatic – Stops heating and drawing power when the set room temperature is reached
  • Quality radiated Heat – Electric Radiators give the same effect as a central heating system. Radiated heat is more effective than convected heat.
  • Energy Efficient – Electric Radiators use less electric than any other form of electric heater
  • Smart Heating – Control from Anywhere

Best Replacement for Storage Heaters

If you are off the gas grid modern electric radiators are winning over the likes of oil and LPG heating as well as being the best replacement for storage heaters. Electric radiators are slim and attractive and incorporate the latest technology to save you money on your heating bills. As well as being fully programmable and thermostatic, they can also offer smart technology that you can control via an app from anywhere.

At Electric Radiator Solutions we are dedicated to producing the most energy efficient electric radiators for customers throughout the UK. Having the best heating system installed in your home means you will not only benefit from the latest in heating technology but also lower your energy bills. We are happy to offer help and advice in order to assist our customers in finding the best energy suppliers for their needs, contact our friendly team today.