Best Place To Position Electric Radiators

01/09/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Where is the best place to position a radiator?

With winter niggling away in the back of our minds during the summer months, many of us begin to plan ahead for the unpredictable weather conditions that come hand in hand with living here in the UK. Remember that rusty old radiator you chose to ignore all summer? It’s time to start your home heating plan of action!

Whether you’re thinking of replacing old storage heaters or upgrading your old radiators to a new top of the range electric central heating system, one question on everyone’s mind is where do we place them? This article will give you some helpful tips and advice to help you well on the way to finding the right spot for your electric radiators!

1. Under the Window

Although it seems the most standard yet strange place for radiators to be placed, it can often make a lot of sense! Under the window can be one of the most convenient places due to it not interfering with other furniture in the room. This, coupled with the fact it’s usually the coldest and least insulated points in a building mean it can be ideal for helping to prevent those cold draughts. Beware though, placing a radiator under a window is not always the most efficient solution due to the fact that heat could be easily lost!.

2. Somewhere that is easily accessible and safe

Now for the boring stuff! Although rearranging your home heating ready for winter can be widely focussed around aesthetics, it is also important to ensure that you align with safety regulations. For things such as gas fires, it is obviously much harder in terms of safety as to where you can place these but with electric radiators, it is not as stringent and much more flexible. The main thing to consider with your electric radiators is that there is nothing blocking the radiator, ensuring that there is enough space around it for airflow.

3. Absolutely anywhere?!

Modern houses tend to have good insulation and double glazed windows meaning that as long as you’ve taken into account the safety aspects of your radiator placement, you can pretty much place your electric radiator anywhere you wish with a nearby socket.

With no need for pipework, you have complete flexibility and don’t have to let the piping dictate where you want to place it. The fact that electric radiators are also easily relocated means moving them when needed can free up those extra few inches of space which could be a life saver at Christmas time! Flexibility allows you to choose your perfect style for a room, adding in final touches such as heating appliances after all the hard work is done!

We hope that our advice and guidance above has helped you feel more confident with this year’s winter home heating plans! But if you have any more questions or would like to take a look at our energy efficient electric radiators, which have the ability to be wall mounted and come with a wide range of other benefits including a highly accurate electronic thermostat, full 24/7 programming and easy installation simply get in touch with our friendly team.