Best Conservatory Heaters

17/05/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

What are the best conservatory heaters? Our Prisma conservatory heaters are the best way to heat your conservatory. They provide maximum comfort with high efficiency. Read on to find out more on why our energy efficient electric radiators make the best conservatory heaters.

Using Your Conservatory

Conservatories are a great, budget friendly way of increasing your home space. They are relatively cheap, don’t require planning applications in most cases and provide an extra room which can have multiple uses. However, they can become too hot in summer acting like a greenhouse for humans and be too cold to use in Winter due to low levels of insulation.

Electric Conservatory Heaters

When choosing an electric conservatory heater, it is vital to get the right size radiator, powerful enough to do the job. The other important consideration is that you don’t want it to cost the earth to run. There are many different types of electric heater on the market. You can find a useful guide by reading our previous blog what electric heaters are most energy efficient.

Radiators with a large surface area made from cast aluminium give the best kind of radiated heat. This leads to greater comfort and lower running costs than convector type heaters. Added features such as accurate thermostats and full programming are a must also.

Best Conservatory Heaters

As discussed above, the best conservatory radiators will give you an excellent quality of heat, whilst being energy efficient to run, making the Prisma electric conservatory heater, an ideal choice. No longer will you have to abandon your conservatory in the cold winter months!

Advantages of the Prisma electric conservatory radiator:

  • Simple wall mounting and plug in
  • Independent from your central heating
  • Low Height for dwarf walls
  • Energy Efficient – Full 24/7 Programming
  • Great quality of heat

As well as our Prisma electric conservatory radiator, at ERS we stock several other ranges of standard height energy efficient electric radiators for effective heating in your home, workplace or just about anywhere!