Are Electric Radiators Any Good?

02/08/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Are electric radiators any good? Below we will explain why they are.




Thermal Comfort/Quality of Heat

In terms of thermal comfort, electric radiators are on a par with a gas central heating system. The radiators work the same, providing a quality radiated heat. Electric radiators such as the Curvo+ are made from cast aluminium, the best material for the job. Most central heating radiators are made of steel, however aluminium central heating radiators are becoming more common, despite being more expensive.


Our electric radiators are individually thermostatic and fully 24/7 programmable. So, you can heat different rooms to different temperatures at different times. The living room can be a cosy 20 degrees, whereas your hallway can be an energy saving 16 degrees and bedrooms on a set back temperature during the day. All designed to save you money. With central heating there is usually just one thermostat, usually located in the hallway, so you have to heat everywhere to 20 degrees, even if you are just using one room. It is easy to see how savings can be made.

Type of Heat

Cast aluminium electric radiators such as the Curvo+, are designed to emit a gentle heat at relatively low temperatures. The quality radiated heat will heat the whole room evenly, unlike some other heaters which heat by convection. Convection causes ‘cold feet syndrome’ because the top of the room is hot and the bottom is not. With convection heaters you naturally have to set the thermostat higher to achieve 20 degrees in the centre of the room.

Running Cost

We have already established that electric radiators give an excellent quality of heat, but how much do they cost to run? Clearly, running costs depend on many factors. Mains gas central heating is the cheapest to run as per unit gas is cheaper than electric. However, it is important to take into account the lifetime cost . The average lifespan of a boiler is coming down all the time. You can find some that are guaranteed for 10 years. You will also need them serviced regularly, which isn’t cheap, and after 10 years the unavailability of spares mean you will have to shell out £3000 (fitted) for a new one. Electric radiators will last a long time and require no ongoing maintenance.

Are Electric Radiators Any Good?


If you want comfortable, controllable heat, which doesn’t cost the earth to run, electric radiators are for you. Incorporating the latest technology with modern materials, they are easy to install and require no ongoing maintenance. Are electric radiators any good? You bet they are!

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