Are All Electric Radiators the Same?

26/07/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

So, are all electric radiators the same? Well, consider this. Is one 2 litre car the same performance as another 2-litre car? The answer is simply, no. There are many components that make up our electric radiators and how they work. For example:

  • Heating Elements
  • Thermostat
  • Electronic Time/Temperature Control
  • Surface Area of the body
  • Weight of the body (not total radiator weight)

Heating Elements

If you take a basic heating element and expose it to the air the heat will be very localised. However, if you can spread the heat over a large surface area the heat will spread further into the room. Manufacturers use different technologies to heat the radiator body.

Fluid – Oil or even water to spread and heat the body.

Ceramic – A heavy ceramic/stone/clay element which covers the inside of the body

Dry – Multiple heating elements covering the inside

All 3 technologies are trying to achieve the same result. To evenly heat the body of the radiator.


Modern electric radiators such as our Curvo+ use electronic thermostats which are highly accurate meaning no wasted heat and no under heating. Cheap convector and panel heaters have mechanical thermostats which heat in waves which don’t provide a stable room temperature. Most modern electric radiators have highly accurate thermostats.

Electronic Time/Temperature Control

With sophisticated time/temperature control you can intelligently heat your home. Any heating system where you continuously switch on and heat the room and then switch off again allowing the room to go cold is a complete waste of money. Better to have a “set-back” temperature to keep the fabric of the room (walls/furniture etc) warm than heating from cold every time. Our system means each radiator is individually controllable.

Surface Area of the body

If you take a 1kw iron (for ironing clothes), and one of our 1000w Curvo+ electric radiators. Which one will heat the room quicker and more evenly? Our Curvo+ 1000w is 770mm wide. Before you buy electric radiators, check the heating surface area! Also, check the material. Steel or extruded (lightweight) aluminium are no match for cast aluminium.

Weight of the body

Only bodies made from cast aluminium will give the best results. Radiator bodies made from steel or lesser “lightweight aluminium” will lead to less comfort and higher running costs. Steel takes more energy to heat than aluminium and is worse at getting rid of heat, meaning more energy is used. Lesser lightweight aluminium will get to hot and heat using more convection. Convected heat rises, is less comfortable and doesn’t heat the room evenly.

Are All Electric Radiators the Same?

One 1kw heater is not the same as another 1kw heater and they do not have the same performance. The quality and technology of the components used for an electric heater can enhance the performance significantly to say a 1kw (1000w) heating element.

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