Aluminium Vs Ceramic Core Electric Radiators

28/02/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

There are many different types of electric heating on the market today. Electric Radiators are one of the best energy efficient forms of home heating however, there are many different manufacturers and technologies available.

Not all electric radiators are the same, in this article we will explain the major differences between our electric radiators and electric radiators that use a ceramic core.

German Ceramic Core Electric Radiator Solutions
Aluminium Body
24/7 Programming
Motion Sensor
DIY Install
Slimline (less than 80mm depth)
Energy Counter
Window Open Detection
Smart Remote Mobile Technology

Aluminium vs Steel Body

The benefits of aluminium over steel is very clear.

  • Aluminium is a better conductor of heat than steel (up to 5 times faster).
  • Aluminium radiators will not corrode like steel.
  • Aluminium is more lightweight and therefore easier to install (Especially when you take into account the weight of ceramic core radiators….)

Ceramic core radiators are usually very heavy and some require a professional installation. Be sure to check the weight and then think about how your walls will cope!

Electric Radiator Controls

Many German ceramic radiators do not have the same controls as modern aluminium electric radiators. Some are available only as manual control and a hefty premium then has to be paid for separate programmers to achieve full electronic 24/7 programming.

With this basic control these radiators do not have increased energy saving features found on models like our Prisma+ and Curvo+ radiators such as motion sensor, window open detection or energy counters. All of which will help save you money on your heating bills.

The bulky design of steel and ceramic core radiators still gives the appearance of old outdated storage heaters. In fact some even market their product as ‘modern storage heaters’. Although the ceramic core will retain heat, they are not storage heaters and also take longer to heat up than our models. Modern heating systems are all about accurate temperature control.

Slimline Design

Aluminium radiators are much more stylish in design and are very slim in comparison to bulky and heavy ceramic core radiators. Our Prisma+ radiators are only 70mm thick and our slimline Curvo+ is the slimmest on the market at only 35mm top and bottom!

Smart Technology - Control from anywhere

Some suppliers advertise their products as ‘smart’ but this is just a myth. Many just have basic controls - remember to read all the details! Smart radiators such as the Prisma+ iVISTA can be controlled via the internet from anywhere in the world using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Electric Radiator Purchase Price

Beware of some suppliers as they are offering home visits and finance – all of which means increased costs and a higher purchase price! Our ranges of electric radiators offer the same quality of heat and superior controllability at a fraction of the price of ceramic models.

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