Aluminium Electric Radiators

21/06/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Aluminium is particularly effective for the manufacture of radiators (including central heating radiators) as it conducts heat six times better than steel. It is also a light metal and doesn’t corrode like steel. Aluminium also reacts very well to temperature changes. However, there are differences in the aluminium electric radiators that you can buy. We look at the important points below.

Cast Aluminium Body

A cast aluminium body will give you a stable surface temperature and deliver high-quality radiated heat, better comfort and lower running costs. Aluminium electric radiators which are not cast aluminium will weight a lot less and the body will be really thin. This causes more convection, reduces comfort and leads to higher running costs.

Weight of your Aluminium Electric Radiators

A sure sign of whether you are looking at a quality product or not. Beware “lightweight” aluminium electric radiators. Although this is not an exact science, as it depends what is inside the radiator heating it up. More on this below but if you are looking at “dry” aluminium electric radiators, weight is very important. More aluminium (more weight), makes a better radiator (radiated heat). It is important to distinguish between dry and ceramic electric radiators. Ceramic ones will be heavy as they have a ceramic core.

Surface Area of your Aluminium Electric Radiators

Imagine a 1kw iron trying to heat your room to a comfortable temperature, say 20 degrees. So, if the iron is on full power for 1 x hour it will use 1 Kwh, one unit of electric. Depending on what price you pay per unit, this is the running cost. Could be 15p if you don’t shop around, could be 12p if you do.

Then, look at our Curvo+ 1kw electric radiator. It has a large surface area. A large cast aluminium heating surface.

Ask yourself the question. Which will heat the room quicker? It is the same with electric radiators, a larger surface area is better.

What’s Inside my Aluminium Electric Radiators?

Aluminium electric radiators can be filled with various different technologies, all designed to do the same thing, give an even surface area to the aluminium body. This will help emit a stable heat, with no hotspots and less convection. Again, it is vital that the body is heavy and has the right thickness to deliver this. The main technologies are:

  • Fluid/Oil/Gel – Single element with low viscosity heat transfer fluid.
  • Ceramic/Stone – elements heat the ceramic/stone. These will retain heat but slower reactive
  • NEW Dry technology – Multiple heating elements. No fluids

As previously said, all 3 technologies are designed to do the same thing. Help achieve an even surface temperature to the aluminium body.

It is important to distinguish between an aluminium body and an aluminium core.

Don’t be fooled with an aluminium core. Some have a steel body!

Running Cost of your Aluminium Electric Radiators

There are many factors to consider when asking this question. You can read more about this here. You must choose the correct size radiator for your room size, as one that is too small will be working too hard and use more power. Also, shopping around for your electric will save you money. If you don’t shop around, you could be paying 25-30% for than if you did shop around.

A quality aluminium body with a large surface area will have lower running costs than a steel body or convector type equivalent.

Beware Aluminium Convector Heaters

There are many electric heaters on the market, some call themselves ‘electric radiators’. These can include oil filled types on wheels which include minimal radiated heat. Also, there are new styles of convector heaters, with accurate thermostats and 24/7 programming. Some may even have an aluminium body, but don’t be fooled, these are not energy efficient electric radiators. You can spot these as they have either an envelope or grill in the top.

Aluminium Electric Radiators

Quality energy efficient aluminium electric radiators checklist:

✔ Cast Aluminium Body

✔ Weight of the radiator

✔ Aluminium Body not aluminium core

✔ No envelope or grill to let the heat out (convector)

Our bestselling Curvo+    is the perfect aluminium electric radiator. Slim in design but a substantial weight of aluminium. It has more energy saving features than others on the market and is a stylish addition to your home. Find out more by visiting our website today or call (01845 595945).