Alternatives To Storage Heaters

08/07/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

If you are one of the many people who have storage heaters, you will be well aware of their limitations as a heating system.

The lack of control means they pump out heat all night when you’re asleep, even if you turn the output to its lowest setting. They pump out heat all day when you’re out at work. When you sit down on an evening to relax, there’s no heat left!

On top of this, you believe they are cheap to run until you get your electricity bill….

In this blog we will tell you all you need to know about replacing storage heaters.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are a perfect replacement for storage heaters. Most of our customers are people wanting to replace storage heaters. It is easy to see why electric radiators are superior to other forms of electric heating. The main reasons for choosing electric radiators are as follows:


The main difference is the control. You can have heat when you want it and accurate thermostats mean there is no wasted heat. With storage heaters you have to predict the weather the day before!

All our electric radiators come with full time and temperature control. You can program the radiators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternating between temperatures on an hourly or half hourly basis if required. With our new iVista range, you can control your heating from your mobile device from anywhere in the world. They are more controllable than a gas central heating system.

Accurate controls and thermostats = energy savings.


Our electric radiators are all made from cast aluminium. Aluminium delivers the heat into the room faster than other materials including steel. Fast dissipation of heat means minimum power in for maximum heat output.

Each radiator has an intelligent microchip optimiser which controls temperatures to a fraction of a degree, maintaining accurate temperature and no wastage of energy.

The use of modern materials results in greater efficiency.

Storage Heaters were invented after the second world war and the principle is still the same today. Bricks inside are heated during the night, the bricks store the heat and emit it slowly. They are very bulky and heavy and have no controllability.


Electric Radiators offer a very comfortable, controllable heat. You can have your rooms at whatever temperature you like, whenever you like. Different rooms at different temperatures at different times.

Comfort is achieved when the temperature of the room is uniform in all its parts.

What is comfort?

Comfort is measured as the difference between room temperature and body. When the room temperature is uniform, i.e., there is no difference in temperature between the walls, the top and the bottom of the room, comfort is maximized. Comfort is considered to exist when the temperature difference is less than 3 °C. The higher the temperature difference less comfort.

The heat produced by storage heaters is convected. Convection isn’t a comfortable type of heat. It is very dry, and produces a big difference in temperature between the top and bottom of the room. Convection is the warming of circulating air and doesn’t heat objects such as walls or people. When heating with convection more power is required to reach comfortable temperatures.

Radiated heat is the heat produced by the sun and by central heating. Electric radiators heat in this same way. Heat radiates from the aluminium body into the room. Electric radiators provide better comfort with lower power consumption. They also allow the regulation of the temperature of the room and do not require any maintenance.

Electricity Tariffs

Storage heaters use a tariff called Economy 7 or Economy 10 (sometimes called ‘total heat total control in Scotland). Many people believe this saves them money. The reality is different. Electric companies give you 7 hours of cheap rate electric during the night. In most cases this is limited to your storage heaters and hot water only. However, the daytime rate is over-inflated eliminating any potential savings. Typical economy 7 rates are 7p at night and 16p during the day. Guess what, you can pay 11p on a standard flat rate tariff.

Replacing Storage Heaters for Electric Radiators

Replacing storage heaters with electric radiators is quite simple. Any electrician can help and the whole house can be done in less than a day. Changing your tariff with your electric company can be done over the phone. Switch today to the heating of the future and enjoy comfortable, controllable heat.

Talk to us today about switching your old storage heaters to energy efficient electric radiators.

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