Affordable Electric Heating

12/07/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

At last, affordable electric heating you can afford to run. Our state-of-the-art electric radiators perform just like a conventional central heating radiator, heat up like a central heating radiator but without the need for a boiler and pipework. Our range of electric radiator provide all the benefits of a “wet” system. Quality heat, with low running costs and heat when you want it. Far superior to storage heaters.

Radiated Heat

The heat is radiated into the room giving an even temperature from floor to ceiling, thus avoiding the drawbacks of lesser systems which mainly rely on convection and deliver a large variance leading to high temperatures at the top of the room, and cold feet at the bottom.

Running Costs from a few pence per hour

Clearly there are many variables when it comes to running cost. Heater style, weather conditions, insulation, personal habits and electricity tariff. But our experience shows that due to the latest technology our radiators actually only use a few hours of energy per day keeping running costs down. You can read more about running costs here.

Controllable Affordable Electric Heating

Our radiators are 24 hour fully programmable proving a controllable and flexible system. Each radiator has its own thermostat in order to set and deliver desired temperatures exactly when you require heat. Multi time and temperature settings can also be achieved via the control system. Don’t be fooled by cheap plug in timers, constant switching on and off is a false economy.

How Affordable Electric Heating Works

Excellent running costs are achieved with a combination of the best, high quality materials and controllability second to none. A large surface area of high-quality aluminium heats the whole room quickly and evenly. Each radiator can then be controlled 24 hours a day, multi time/multi temperature. Only heating the rooms you need and a set back temperature for when you don’t need heat. Read more about how affordable electric heating works here.

Affordable Electric Heating

Affordable electric heating is here with electric radiators from Electric Radiator Solutions. Our state-of-the-art radiators have the following benefits:

  • Heat output on a par with the best
  • Control without doubt the best on the market
  • Running costs comparable with gas
  • Installation – a full house in less than a day
  • No pipe, no fuss, no mess
  • Capital costs and lifetime costs lower than central heating

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