Keeping your employees happy - 5 top tips for a positive working environment

27/01/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Having a good working environment is key to a successful business in 2017 which is why it is extremely important to think about all aspects of office space and how it can be improved. Our latest article explores 5 top tips to help you on the way to creating the perfect workplace for your employees.

1. Bring the outdoors in!

Many office workers around the world usually spend their time working 9-5, Monday to Friday inside and away from the bright outdoors. This tends to create a depressing and demotivated ambience however, this does not need to be the case! Why not try bringing the outdoor vibe into the office using plants, artificial gardens and plenty of natural sunlight?

Natural light is often overlooked as a benefit in office design but it has been found to be one of the most important considerations to improve positivity within the office - open the blinds and let the natural light shine through.

2. Keep it tidy!

Make sure you have plenty of storage space available so that any extras you don’t need on the desk regularly can be stored away. Tidiness becomes even more important when the office area is a small space because there are no “hiding places” for unnecessary messes. Place a bin in busy areas throughout the office so the usual food and drink mess can be thrown away instantly. Also try space saving ideas such as desk trays that can be placed on top of the desk in order to store any paperwork that may make the area look untidy.

3. Control the Temperature!

80% of office workers complain about the temperature in their workplace, an employee that finds themselves too hot or cold is likely to be an unproductive one. A survey back in 2014 discovered that workers spend between 10-30 minutes a day not working due to uncomfortable temperatures - specifically during the winter where 52% of workers were considered too cold.

In order to solve this you need to ensure you have the correct heating systems in place. You can have energy efficient electric radiators such as those supplied by the team at Electric Radiator Solutions which include technologies that can detect if the windows have been opened; this will indicate that the heating system is no longer needed and thus saves energy as the radiator will automatically turn off.

Another great benefit of installing electric radiators in a business environment is that you are able to programme each radiator using its own individual timer. This means you can tailor the temperature for each particular area of the office and its purpose - there is no point heating an area in the early morning if it isn't used until the afternoon.

4. Create space!

Another consideration is to also make sure the office is spacious and allows employees to work freely with no obstructions. Try designing the layout so that there are large spaces between desks. If you are able to redesign your offices in more detail, try using glass doors; this will give the impression of a bigger space. Alongside this, if the office has wired devices, try hiding the wires to declutter the space around workers. There are cheap and easy ways of doing this and most desks have the tools already installed to hide them, for example; concealing the wires within the desk itself.

5. Be imaginative with Breakout/Relaxation Areas!

A great idea to create a positive environment for your employees is to ensure their relaxation time at breaks and lunchtime is an escape from their office environment! Try and make a separate area with bright colours and exciting decor where they can fully relax and escape from their work load. This will give them something to look forward to during their day and in turn motivates them to do their work to a higher quality, knowing that they have a rewarding place to retreat to once it's done!

If you are looking to improve your work environment and are investigating a better heating option to keep the environment at optimum temperature throughout the year then give our team a call at Electric Radiator Solutions for expert knowledge and advice. We produce only the highest quality electric radiators that not only offer superior controllability but are also extremely stylish.