5 Top Modern Electric Radiator Must Haves

07/02/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Looking back at the history of heat production, the most primitive method of producing heat was of course, by fire, from the time of the Neanderthal Man. It wasn’t until 1741 when stoves were created that significant advances in heat devices were made.

As mimicked in the slow evolution of heat production, there has been little progression throughout the years since the first “radiator” was invented in the 1840’s from steam, to the more commonly used system of today; gas central heating. Gas central heating systems have become a staple in most homes, offices, hospitals and so on; with it being the most popular heating option in the UK. Gas central heating systems have served us well and have been committed to their primary function; keeping us warm, but never come without their faults.

Despite our stubbornness to stick to what we know, over the last 10 years there has been huge developments in the world of radiators, as advanced technology via electric radiators are setting a new standard with various features and functions to please everyone.


There’s so many trends to follow, but who knew radiators were setting their own. For so many years, there hasn’t been much flexibility in the appearance of radiators and they have been seen as an unattractive necessity. Nowadays, electric radiators offer a much wider choice in design that can not only fit any space but enhance the decor within in.  

Traditionally, only horizontal radiators have been on offer. Electric radiators provide the choice of either horizontal or vertical. Vertical fittings are generally tall and thin; ideal for rooms such as bathrooms with the added functionality of towel rails! Staying traditional doesn’t need to be boring either. There is a variety of shapes and textures available, including flat surfaces or sleek curves.

Digital displays

Technological advances in electric radiators have led to the installation of modern digital display formats, built into the radiator for easy control. Users can set personalised preferences to ensure comfort is met at all times.

You can alter modes to pre-set temperature preferences hour by hour and plan for the whole week ahead. Not only that, but because each radiator has its own display, you can adjust the temperature in each room separately so you’re only using heat in the rooms in use.

The display shows readings from the electronic thermostat within the radiator, detecting temperatures as precise to 0.2C, meaning your output is always consistent with your temperature settings and there is no wasted heat.

Wifi and remote controllability

The latest in electric radiators have specialised keypads than can be locked through the radiator itself, or via a remote control, to avoid unwanted fingers messing with your settings.

As with any modern device, some electric radiators are easy to control from your phone or computer with Wifi availability. As with the digital display, you can personalise various options of heating output across your home or premises. That means while you’re on your way home from a long day at work, battling through the wind and rain, you can pop your heating on through your phone and be welcomed by a cosy home.

Increased energy consumption monitoring

Smart technology electric radiators not only add that extra bit of effortlessness and comfort to your everyday life, they also have the capability to monitor your energy consumption and alert the user when this has increased. Often you can access your usage through a digital display, and as mentioned, many brands offer the additional feature of a mobile app to access your details at any time. Some radiators can even detect when the right temperature has been reached, and subsequently shut the system off to conserve energy.

Better efficiency

Electric heating systems are often considered the more expensive option when compared to gas. However, due to the advantages of energy efficiency and controllability within electric radiators, energy bills can significantly reduce, saving you money.

More than ever, news stories flood our screens around the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and the impact to our planet if we don’t start to monitor our usage. It is reported 64.7% of energy used in EU households goes towards heating so an energy efficient heating solution is paramount.

Many advanced electric radiators present with the added feature of motion sensor technology. The temperature is slowly reduced as the sensor doesn’t detect movement any longer, to avoid wasting heat in an used area. When the control recognises movement again, it will automatically return to the original preferred setting.

Another energy saving benefit incorporated into electric radiators is the ability to detect a rapid temperature drop. The digital display will alert you to the detection of an open window and switch the system off to reduce energy waste and consumption.

As you can see, there are a number of advantages (and many more!) to investing in electric radiators.

Informed staff at Electric Radiator Solutions are at hand to guide you through the selection of advanced electric radiator options and determine what’s right for you and your premises.