5 Spring Home Renovation Tasks For 2019

05/04/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Home Renovation Tasks For 2019

Spring is the season for new beginnings and with that comes the perfect time to give your home a well deserved makeover, whether it’s to add value for selling, or for your own personal satisfaction. The slow increase in warmer weather makes this time of year ideal to crack on with those niggling jobs you’ve been putting off all year, meaning you’re ready to put your feet up and enjoy those summer months when they arrive.

The thought of any kind of DIY can give you headaches, however it’s easy to spruce up your place with some low cost tips;

1. Garden

Make the most of the weather that Spring brings with it and take time to tackle your garden.

There are numerous, expense free, DIY projects to transform your winter garden into a colourful, therapeutic space once more. Simply cut back those overgrown bushes and pull out unattractive weeds from pathways and corners. If you have a grassed area, it might be a case of dusting off that lawnmower. Alternatively, sometimes grass doesn’t survive through the winter and you’re left with a muddy pit. In this case, grass seeds are cheap to buy and easy to plant to fill your garden with freshness again!

You might want to totally reinvent your garden, but be careful as individual plants and shrubbery costs can add up quickly. Instead, you could invest in planting seeds for a fraction of the cost. Although you will need to have patience, the wait will be worth it when your garden blooms in full colour!

As Brits, we don’t think about the warm weather without BBQs, so before the season hits, now is the time to be considering if your decking or BBQ area could do with some much needed TLC. Again, this doesn’t need to add up to big costs and will be a glorious investment during those summer days.

2. Driveway

We are all too familiar with the destruction winter weather can bring to roads, including damage to your driveway. Concrete and asphalt can be very expensive to replace so inspect the area first to see if it’s actually in need of a full refurbishment.

If your driveway isn’t littered with potholes, then you might just need to lay a new seal coat instead of turning your front garden into a construction site. Unlike laying new concrete, incorporating a new seal coat can be a ‘do it yourself’ job for much less in costs, whilst still giving your driveway a fresh look.

3. Roof

As with driveways, your roof can also take a hit through winter months from wind, rain and snow. As the weather becomes more settled, take this opportunity to review your roofing materials without being blown away!

Depending on the type of repair work needed, this could turn into a costly job resulting in hiring professionals to fix. However, the earlier you detect any damage, the quicker the fix, meaning fewer costs incurred before the health of your roof gets any worse!

Now is also a good time to pursue some DIY jobs regarding your roof, such as clearing the gutters and removing any broken debris.

4. Doors/windows

It might not seem a priority to spruce up your home’s doors and windows, but many people forget that the front of your home is what gives that lasting first impression to your visitors. Your budget will however decide what actions you can take to renew your windows and doors.

You may feel like you need new windows and doors altogether in order to assist in energy efficiency and warmth in your home but this can be costly, albeit long lasting. If you’re looking for more of a low budget change, giving them a clean, a new lick of paint and checking the seals can work wonders for appearance. Even supplementing old handles for a shiny new door knocker or installing a new letterbox can make a big statement for your front door.

5. Updating heating systems

As we wave goodbye to winter and the cold, we can also start to give our central heating systems a well rested break and a good once over.

If you use standard radiators, now would be the ideal time to check if they need any maintenance work. Sometimes, radiators collect air bubbles within the system which hinders the heat travelling round and spreading warmth. In this case, you will need to bleed your radiators to let the air escape. A tedious but necessary job!

If you’re looking to modernise your heating appliances or simply are in need of replacing your system altogether, spring is the perfect time to take that leap. When opting for a new heating system there are plenty of advantages when it comes to electric radiators - not only do they offer a new generation of energy efficiency, they come with a whole host of modern technological features. When those rainy winter days come back around, you won’t have to worry about scurrying in from the freezing weather to a cold home; you will have the ability to control your heating from your phone, so can pre-heat your home to a comfortable setting for when you arrive. You can also control heating to different temperatures in different rooms within the house; another way to see savings on your energy bills.

Installing electric radiators is also another ‘do it yourself’ project around the home so you can cut costs in expenses instead of hiring professionals to carry out the job. If your current heating model is starting to show signs of deterioration, then now is the time to invest in modern electric heating, before the next winter comes.

With a little bit of a inspiration, it’s clear that it doesn’t have to take too much time, effort or money to spruce up your home into a fresh paradise, before you can enjoy the sunshine and warmth of summer. Speak to an expert at Electric Radiator Solutions today to find out more information on how to maintain the warmth within your home throughout the winters to come by installing electric radiators as your heating system this spring.