5 Must Haves For Saving Space in Small Bedrooms

23/09/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

They say that the best things come in small packages. But, in this modern era of light, airy spaces and open plan designs, working with a small room can be tricky.  Here at Electric Radiator Solutions, we’re giving you some handy ideas of how to tackle small-room-syndrome from wall mounted bedside lamps to slimline electric radiators.

1. Getting clever with storage

One way to save space in a small bedroom is to get clever with your storage. Nobody likes clutter so why not have a clear out of any unnecessary things that you no longer need or use. Storage boxes can be a great way of sorting any remaining belongings as these can then be easily tucked away under the bed.

Double up your desk as a shelf to save even more room. In this modern era it’s easy to find quirky wall mounted desks that also include a space below to place other belongings. Keep your room minimalistic, you only need the basics. This will open up the floor space of the room and prevent those painful toe stubs during the midnight dash to the bathroom!

2. High rise your bed

Don’t let a small rooms scare you into sacrificing the best choice of bed. All we want to do at the end of a hard day is to jump into our luxurious beds. People think they have to settle for less with a smaller bedroom but this is definitely not the case.

Try out a high rise bed. This won’t require you to downsize in order to save space as a high rise design will enable you to maximise space under the bed which can then be freed up for something else to be placed. And don’t worry about the underneath looking messy or cluttered as you can even add a curtain so that only you know what lies behind.

3. Slimline electric radiators

With winter looming upon us we start to worry about keeping ourselves warm and cosy through those cold nights, just because you have a small room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice heating it. Here at electric radiator solutions we offer a range of slimline electric radiators and we think they are a great way to solve your worries. Slimline radiators come in a variety elegant designs which are sure to suit any style of room with their sleek looking appearance.

4. Wall mounted lamps

We all know the struggle of getting into bed at night, getting cosy and warm and then realising you have to get up and switch the light off! A lamp is always a great way to lay in bed and read your favourite book without having to get out of your bed when you’re ready to drift into your dreams. With a small room a lamp can mean you take up precious space by having to then buy a bedside table to put it on. Wall mounted lamps are a great way to get the best of both worlds- great lighting without losing floor space.

5. Colours and design

For window treatments try using light looking curtains that won’t look too bulky for the room. Keep the colour palette simple so that the room has a calm and restful vibe to it, having too much going on can make the bedroom appear to be more cluttered than it actually is. Mirrors can also be a great way to visually expand the room too. Many wardrobe designs now have built in exterior mirrors which again is a great way to free up that all important floor space.

If you are struggling to create space in your small bedroom and need help in particular with finding the right heating solution, then get in touch with the team at Electric Radiator Solutions. We have a variety of slimline radiators which take up minimal space and are suitable for a range of living areas.