5 Home Improvements For Summer

30/06/2017 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

5 home improvements to tackle in the summer months

As the summer solstice was celebrated on the 21st June, we can officially celebrate the start of summer. And what a scorcher we’ve had already this month! Whilst some may be kicking back in their sun loungers, the savvy homemaker will be getting ahead on their list of summer to-do tasks for their house and garden. If you’re behind on the best home improvements to tackle during the summer, then we’ve compiled this handy article of tips and tricks to make the most of the warm weather when it comes to DIY. You’ll be barbecuing in style in no time!

1. Get ahead:

There’s no doubt that you’ll be finding every way to keep cool this summer, with record-breaking temperatures recorded around the country. But it’s wise to be prepared for the looming autumn and winter months, so get your regular boiler and heating services booked in. The six-week summer holidays are also a great time to install new radiators and heating ready for the winter, as you’re more likely to be at home and off work with the kids during half term. Being able to oversee these jobs and get them done during quiet spells for companies is a massive weight off your shoulders, and often much easier and quicker to arrange during the hot weather.

Being super savvy and opting for a new electric heating system this summer means you not only get the choice of first class smart heating but also the added benefit of less maintenance checks next summer! Electric heating and electric radiators mean you don’t have to book in for that all important boiler service - saving you time and money, and if you opt for smart electric radiators you get the added benefit of being able to control your heating straight from your smartphone! If you need any help and advice converting your old system into a new energy efficient, fully controllable heaven ready for the winter give our team a call on 01845 595945, we’re always happy to help!

2. Windows:

Window replacements can be a tough job to complete in the winter months, as the cold weather is soon let into the house during installation meaning your heating bill could easily rise with trying to stay warm. If you’re noticing draughts or inefficiency from your windows, it’s a good idea getting them replaced during the summer when you’ll be glad to let the outside air in!

3. Outdoor space:

There are a few nifty tricks you can do in the garden to create the atmosphere you’d like over the summer. If you’re after a summer of partying and socialising late into the long nights, then consider new modern outdoor lighting or a fire pit to create a hub of social interaction for friends and family. Fire pits are uber fashionable right now, and will also benefit for use right through the autumn and winter.

If you’re salivating at the idea of intimate, alfresco dining all summer, then introduce outdoor living with furniture, snazzy outdoor cooking equipment and perhaps a herb garden so you can be proud of cooking with your very own garden produce. What’s more, if it’s a summer of family fun you’re after, re-stain your deck and fence ready for the pitter patter of tiny feet running around all summer long. It’s also a good idea to child-proof your garden, from safeguarding water and sharp objects, to sanding down decking so splinters are avoided. And don’t forget the classic, exhilarating job of mowing the lawn regularly as you can never be certain what delights small feet may tread in, hidden in the long grass!

4. A lick of paint:

Even only choosing one room to add a lick of paint to can do wonders for transforming the mood of a house. Bright colours such as sky blues, mustard yellows and copper oranges are completely trendy this year. Block colours like this in any room will reflect the brightness of the summer, and when the darker months arrive you’ll be glad of the hints of cheeriness brought into the home just from the paint hue you chose last July.

5. The niggling little jobs everybody forgets:

These may be met with a huff and a moan, but they’re really easy jobs to do when you have a spare day during the summer. Initiate the household inspections where you’ve been meaning to ‘get that fixed’ for a while. Book in for your plumbing check up and get any electrical faults sorted. Tradespeople get quickly booked up in the winter and you’ll be glad that you got these types of jobs sorted when you could. Drain your water heater which will clear the sediment ready to get more hot water when you do need it. These small things add up to a much less stressful winter and (dare we mention-) Christmas… you can thank us later!