5 Home Improvements For 2017

22/12/2016 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Due to the inconsistency in the real estate market, and decrease in house prices, many people are choosing to avoid selling their homes until the time is right, or choosing not to sell at all. For either outcome, it may make sense for you to invest money into your existing home. Home improvements can add value to your house if you wish to sell in the future, or allow you to improve your quality of life and make your home more comfortable if you choose to stay put.


A kitchen remodel has the potential to add 60% - 120% to your investment if done correctly. The kitchen is often seen as the “heart” of the home, utilised by the whole family so it is important for your kitchen to be fully functional to all your wants and needs, whilst also looking attractive. If you do not have the funds to completely remodel your kitchen, a worthwhile investment could be upgrading your appliances to those that are energy efficient featuring the latest technology. Opting for SMART enabled kitchen gadgets is not only better for the environment, which is becoming an increasingly popular factor when buying a house, but will also help save you time and money.


Similarly, you can add value to your property by updating your bathroom. However, for more of an impact, why not add an extra bathroom to your home? It is estimated you can recover 80% - 130% of what you spend and extra bathrooms make a property more desirable to potential buyers, especially families. This doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think; you can buy respectable suites for as little as £500 and with a few finishing touches to ensure a luxury finish such as his & hers sinks and electric towel rails you’re sure to make a return on investment.

Sometimes it may not always be possible to create a whole new bathroom as it will depend on the available space you have. Although, it is easy to forget about unutilised spaces such as under the stairs or small closet areas, that can easily be turned into an extra W/C room as a compromise. Other alternatives might also be en suites or wet rooms which are becoming increasingly more common in homes.


Building an extension onto your property is another popular home improvement, whether it be to add an extra bedroom, conservatory, or to enlarge an existing room. It can however be common to run into unforeseen complications and interruptions, resulting in overspending on your budget.

You may prefer the safer option of reinventing an existing room in order to add that extra value to your home. Basements and attics are fantastic spaces to convert into an extra bedroom, games room, study or even an extra living room.

It is important to plan any building work carefully and think about any costs that may arise, for example adding electric heating can mean a large saving on any plumbing work which would be needed for traditional central heating. If done correctly a house extension could give you a return of up to 83% of your investment.


If you want to make more minimal changes, a cheap and effective alternative is to redecorate. A simple change of paint or wallpaper can make a huge difference to a room, allowing it to look fresh, clean and inviting. Colour choice can also make a room look brighter and bigger than it really is.

Buyers appreciate a well cared for home and look for rooms that are versatile. Neutral colours are appreciated by potential buyers as they highlight the basic features of the space and make it easier to imagine how they could put their own personal spin on a room. If you are redecorating in order to sell, try to depersonalise the space as much as possible and minimise clutter on show.


With continually increasing energy prices, cost efficient housing is a becoming paramount. There are a number of ways of reducing energy prices, including energy efficient windows and insulation which will help control the heat that leaves your home.

Electric heating and radiators are also becoming increasingly popular within homes due to their affordability and efficiency. Unlike other heating supplies, there is no need to spend money on yearly servicing, due to their high level of quality and reliability. The advanced technology allows you to individually control or programme the heating in each room of your house depending on how much heat is needed at that specific time, making it superior in reducing energy consumption, all while recognising it is possible to have attractive designs too. Not only that, there is now the option to control your electric radiators from your phone, so you don’t even need to be at home to manage your heating. All you need is a 13 amp socket and you’re good to go, with installation guaranteed within a day.

However you decide to improve your home, be careful not to get too carried away. Never put all your time and funds into one specific room. In other words, never make one room fancier than the others. All rooms should have the same amount of attention, so that as you leave one room and enter another, you are never disappointed. People are more likely to be drawn to a house where each room flows into the next without any surprises.

Similarly, remember your neighbourhood will influence the price of your house, so don’t spend more to try and add value when the neighbourhood will set its own limit on what your home will sell for. Also, when it comes to major renovations, make sure to employ or seek advice from professionals, ensure the changes are safe and legal, and calculate your costs and budget beforehand. Planning is essential!

For help and advice on upgrading your heating systems talk to the team at Electric Radiator Solutions today. We have a range of electric radiators to suit the needs of our customers including a variety of styles to fit in with any home renovation.