5 Considerations When Adding Heating To Conservatories

31/05/2019 /
Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Conservatory Heating

Conservatories are becoming more and more popular in the common household. Not only do they increase space, but they can add a significant amount of value to your property. You can add value of around 5% or £15,000, if you design one between the price range of £4000 and £10000. The cost will, of course, depend of your chosen size and location of conservatory.

Homeowners can opt to use their conservatories as a space to relax, or to host social occasions. Due to it’s glass structure, a conservatory becomes a glorious sun trap throughout the summer months retaining a lot of the heat. Some people may choose to make the most of the greenhouse like atmosphere and maintain tropical plants within the space. But during winter and the colder months, conservatories become neglected and unused because of the lack of warmth, becoming wasted space. A practical solution to get the best use all year around is to install an electric heating system. Here, we discuss why electric radiators are a great choice.

Easy to install

Whenever you think about investing in a home project, you need to look at your budget and what you can afford to spend which unfortunately can restrict you in your choices. Usually, expenses sky rocket when you look at installation fees and labour costs for a professional to come and do the job properly. However, you’ll be happy to learn that installing electric radiators is a simple “do it yourself” activity.

Unlike gas run radiators, electric heating systems don’t require you to mess around with pipes during the installation process. Instead, simply line up your radiator where you want it, drill some holes and screw into place. All that’s left from there is to plug your radiator in, and you can start enjoying its warmth immediately.

Not only are installation costs non-existent when it comes to electric radiators, but they are also more reliable than a gas boiler, often lasting for up to 50% longer. There’s also no need to apply for planning permission or employing a gas registered professional.

Wall mountable

Due to a conservatory's structure consisting of mostly glass, it can be difficult to find wall space to fit your radiator. Many gas induced radiators are rather big and so you’d struggle to find an area that will suffice. Some people then opt for free standing heating systems, but with that you have to sacrifice valuable floor space which isn’t ideal either. Our electric radiators for conservatories are designed for under windows and low level dwarf walls, ideal for that superior finish. They’re also available in various sizes too!

Efficient heating

As we’ve discussed, the most notable element of a conservatory is the glass structure. As much as glass will retain the heat in the summer, accompanied with high ceilings and a number of exterior walls, during winter the heat will escape quickly - It is estimated that heat escapes 8 times faster through double glazed windows in a conservatory than a standard wall.

With the current rising costs of energy, it’s important now more than ever to invest in an efficient heating system, especially with an estimated 64.7% of energy used in EU homes contributing towards heating. An old central heating system may not suffice in meeting the requirements of the UK Part L building regulations in regards to the loss of heat, so it’s good to know that our electric radiators are one of the very best energy efficient heating solutions.

Electric radiators also do not emit harmful, polluting gases which not only makes them greener but also safer to use as there’s no risk of carbon monoxide leakages or explosions. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about damage from leaking pipes, as electric radiators don’t use any water filled pipes.

As well as doing your bit for the environment, having an energy efficient heating system like an electric radiator means all the electricity you use and pay for will be converted into heat. Minimal heat lost means your bills are more likely to stay low as you stay warm.

Advanced technology

Electric radiators are fast becoming the future of heating in our homes, with new state of the art technology and glamourous components that give you the ability to personalise heating to how you like it.

There’s nothing worse than rushing to get home to the warmth, to find your house is just as cold as outside. Electric radiators can come with 24/7 digital programming so you can set daily or weekly schedules. Many also come with technology that links up to your smartphone, so you can even change your settings remotely on your way home.

There is also the ability to adjust temperatures in independent rooms. For example, if you choose to grow tropical plants in your conservatory, you will need to maintain a constant temperature through the night too. Instead of wasting money heating the entirety of the house, you can opt to keep the heating on in the conservatory, whilst the rest of the systems remain off. Electric radiators also offer digital thermostats that are accurate to 0.2 of a degree, so again you can ensure your plants are at the right temperature.

Our electric radiator systems even have the ability to detect open windows or when a room reaches a maximum temperature, and will then automatically adjust itself to ensure you are not wasting energy and money. These high quality features allow you to stay in total control of your comfort and heating.

For more information on why electric radiators are the most efficient and cost effective conservatory heater and why our dedicated conservatory radiators are a great choice, contact the team at Electric Radiator Solutions for a friendly and informative chat