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Monthly Archives: April 2018

3 Easy steps for preparing your holiday home for rental

27/04/2018 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Providing a holiday home for holiday makers can be a great source of extra income, however there can be a lot to consider regardin...

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Best Replacement for Storage Heaters

23/04/2018 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

If you have traditional inefficient storage heaters you’ll be continually frustrated with their limitations for heating your hom...

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Smart Electric Wall Heaters

13/04/2018 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

If you are off the gas grid and believe you can’t have the latest energy efficient technologically advanced heating system? Thin...

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What Electric Heaters Are Most Energy Efficient

06/04/2018 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

When asking what electric heaters are most energy efficient it depends on many factors. Quality of materials, controls and meeting...

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