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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Why electric radiators are a good choice for landlords

27/03/2017 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

From renting out your property as a long term family home to being a landlord of student digs and everything in between, it is imp...

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How Thermostats Can Save Your Money on Your Heating Bills.

17/03/2017 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Whether your home is heated by mains gas, LPG, oil or otherwise, thermostats can play a huge part in reducing your energy bills an...

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Heating Your Hall, Stairs and Landing

13/03/2017 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Your hall, stairs and landing are tricky places to heat. It’s not straightforward to work out the size with different areas and ...

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When does Spring start?

03/03/2017 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Spring always starts in March but there are two definitions of when spring starts, and therefore different dates. Meteorological...

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