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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Smart Electric Radiators

30/09/2016 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Our iVista ranges of Smart Electric Radiators can be controlled remotely with your smartphone or tablet. Thermostatically controll...

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5 Must Haves For Saving Space in Small Bedrooms

23/09/2016 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

They say that the best things come in small packages. But, in this modern era of light, airy spaces...

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Office Heating Solutions

16/09/2016 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Deciding the best way to heat your business premises can be tricky. Every business is different. Different in size and layout. It ...

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Save Money with Most Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

10/09/2016 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

From September, some of the least efficient halogen lightbulbs will be banned. The EU phase out will continue until all halogen bu...

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Can Your Trust Your Energy Supplier?

05/09/2016 / by Electric Radiator Solutions Team

Earlier this month, EON admitted that a small number of customers were charged incorrectly. This was due to a clerical error invol...

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