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UK's Leading Electric Radiator Company

Our factory, where we produce all our electric radiators, has been established for 12 years supplying products not only to the UK but also to European markets.  We only manufacture high quality energy efficient radiators which is why we don’t manufacture other inferior heaters such as convectors or storage heaters.  We are exclusive stockists so you won’t find our innovative radiators anywhere else.

With years of experience Electric Radiator Solutions have an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and innovation which is why we are the market leader in electric radiator technology. We incorporate the latest market leading features in our products, including:

iVista Mobile Technology

iVista Mobile Technology. Control your heating from anywhere with the iVista box and smartphone app.

Motion Sensor Technology

Patented Motion Sensor. Reduces the radiator temperature when it detects nobody in the room for a configurable absence time. Up to 12% energy saving.

Open Window Technology

Window Open Detector. Automatically switches off if an abnormal temperature drop is detected. Up to 4% energy saving.

Responsible consumption assistant

Responsible Consumption Assistant. Colour variation of the screen according to temperature.

Responsible consumption assistant

Energy Monitor. Know your cumulative consumption.

Babycare Function

Babycare Function. Limited surface temperature. Peace of mind for children.

Babycare Function

Optional Accessories. Remote Control/Feet/Wheels (Sold separately)

All our products use the latest state of the art design and technology.

We know that our products are the best on market and we don’t supply anything else.  Our products are used throughout the whole of the UK by home owners, landlords, developers and the heating trade.


Quality Customer Service 

Electric Radiator Solutions Factory

Our expert staff have many years’ experience in the radiator industry which means we have an in depth knowledge of a variety of manufacturers as well as all the latest electric radiator technologies.

We are committed to providing not only the best quality products but also excellent customer service, so if you need any further help or assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Our Electric Radiator Guarantee

All of our electric radiators are made from strong aluminium which is treated with a specialist coating and is then cured to give a highly resilient finish in order to increase durability.

Each radiator is subjected to a rigorous control procedure. The result is a strong, durable and innovative range, all covered by a 10 year guarantee on the body and a 2 year warranty on electrical components. (Applicable for Curvo, Prisma and Vertex ranges of solid aluminium radiators)

Niza, Remote Control and Minibox are guaranteed for 2 years.

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